Website Design


Community TOGETHER

This website began as the centerpiece of the Town of Warwick’s second Visioning project. 3 villages, 7 hamlets and multiple neighborhoods all within the borders of the second largest township in NY State. The site contained the survey for all residents to take and offered items in the news, updates on the process, a calendar of events, and a space for residents to comment and air their concerns. The goal was to bring the people together to envision their hopes and dreams for the future, then to put legs under that and set the ideas into motion. Two years out, 5 of those projects have been launched with more to come. The site was branded with colors that represent the 3 lakes within the town, the rich black dirt that sustains the many family farms, and the green of the parks and picturesque vistas that make Warwick a very special place.

The logo, graphics and promotional campaign were created and managed by illustrated-ideas.

Okey Dokey Entertainment

Okey Dokey Clown, a much-loved performer, needed to update his old website, keeping the branding, fun colors and kid-friendly theme. New photos and videos were added along with updated forms for booking a show, PayPal payment, and links to his social media pages.