Downing Film Center –

This new trailer for the Downing Film Center encourages movie-goers to support the non-profit theater, while the dancing “Downing Pillows” point to the emergency exits and give a gentle reminder to turn off cell phones because the movie is about to begin!


Think Outside the Bag –

Produced to support Sustainable Warwick’s effort to reduce plastic waste, this project truly comes from the heart. Single use bags may not be the only culprit in our steadily mounting plastic waste problem, but it’s the part YOU can do something about. Without legislation or legal wrangling with the plastics industry, you can make a difference in your own corner of the world… right now. Bring your own bag!


The Boiler Blues –

This video was created for Sustainable Water Solutions LLC. You’ll see it on their website, YouTube, and featured in their trade show booth display.



The Dam Network –

UpNetworx and AT&T have teamed up to offer their clients the full range of network solutions. This video is being used at the launch of the new endeavor, on their websites and social media.


Hudson Valley Whole Life Center –

This ad has been shown at a local theater, and is on the website for this
chiropractic and alternative therapies practice in Newburgh, NY.



Nereus for Cooling Water Treatment –

Created for Sustainable Water Solutions LLC, this video depicts the function of a heat exchanger, standard water treatment options, and the Nereus water treatment and management platform.

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