Snuggle up with the Downing Pillows!

Ever been to the Downing Film Center? Oh my, you really ought to go there. They screen films that are just not being shown at the multi-plex. You’ll enjoy independent, foreign, documentary, even classic films, all from the cozy comfort of pillow-bedecked seats!

We produced the Downing’s pre-show trailer, now being shown on the big screen before every feature film. If you can’t get to this quaint theater on the Newburgh waterfront, you can see their trailer right here.

Do you know of a company or organization that needs a fresh approach to their marketing? Please pass our name along! We especially love working with caring, community conscious non-profits like the Downing Film Center. Supporting that kind of organization and helping them succeed gives us a really good feeling.



Going Green

Have you got an earth-friendly, innovative solution for a problem that threatens life on our planet?

That’s our favorite subject! We can present your case with solid facts, images that touch the heart, and whenever possible, a little subtle humor to keep your audience engaged. Take a look at these recent projects:

BYOBagwarwick-logo-Sept2015Sustainable Warwick is using our “Think Outside the Bag” to spread the word about their campaign to do away with single-use plastic bags and promote the more practical, reusable variety. Their video was shown in 3 area theaters during the month of September. Special thanks to Warwick Drive-in for their support and for handing out all those BYOBag flyers!

Nereus-iconCalifornia’s water shortage is presenting big problems for the state’s residents and businesses. Check out the piece we did for Sustainable Water Solutions LLC, to see how industrial water treatment and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Here at illustrated-ideas, we have gone Green Screen, too! This has opened the door to a bunch of new possibilities for your animated video, including more human interaction with our animated cast of characters. Stay tuned for more on that in a future post.

Give us a call or click on the envelope below to send an email. Let’s chat about your promotional needs and get things rolling on your animated video!


Thinking Outside the Bag

How’s your Bag Full of Bags? You know, the one trying to escape from under your kitchen sink? Yeah, we all have one… or several. When it comes to plastic waste, it’s pretty easy to see that the situation is out of control. A good first step? Bring Your Own Bag whenever you shop! 

Check out our video on the hazards of single use plastic bags. We give some practical tips that you can use for limiting the number that come into your life. It was produced in support of the BYOBag campaign here in Warwick, NY.

In the spirit of Reuse and Recycling, the “Think Outside the Bag” video can be modified with graphics and titles to fit your own town or state campaign. Give me a call or drop me an email and let’s chat about how i-i can help Support the Cause in your neck of the woods!

The plastic waste problem is mammoth, but together we can make a difference.


Demo Reel

We have our New Demo Reel finished and I’m so anxious to share it with you! It’s a taste of our most recent projects, with a smattering of some of our favorite oldies. Hope you enjoy!


Do you know of a company or organization that needs a boost to their marketing… a really fresh approach? We especially love working with forward-thinking Green Energy and Water Conservation companies. Supporting that kind of organization in improving their marketing gives us a really good feeling. There’s nothing better than knowing we are helping to make a difference for our planet!

Click the email link below to shoot us a message or forward this page to your contacts, the ones that you think would be a good fit. Your referral is much appreciated, THANK YOU!

– Christy


We’re Back!

If you’ve been missing my regular blog posts these past few months, rest assured, all is well, in fact, all is great. Several new clients have brought their exciting projects to illustrated-ideas, keeping us as busy as beavers! (Check out the video for UpNetworx and AT&T) We’ve been able to showcase their products and services in memorable, amusing videos and also demonstrate some fresh innovations in our animation techniques, that are now available for your next video! Would you like to hear more about the possibilities? Give us a call, we’d love to tell you! 914-805-0274

On the personal side, there was the acquisition of a handsome new son-in-law and all kinds of happy family events taking place recently. Thanks to our friends at Skinner Photography for their unique perspective and excellent work. Their photos of this special day are a delight!

Now that the dust (and rice) has settled, we’re back at the whiteboard with nary a gift registry, gown-fitting or caterer in sight! Drop us a line, let’s set up a time to chat about your video needs.

Coming up… stay tuned for our next posting with a hint of green!